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Soil as a natural resource degradation, which is non-renewable led to a decrease in agricultural production. Various factors affecting soil degradation including soil erosion, salinity and alkalinity of soils, drainage and waterlogging of soils, non-compliance with the ratio of nutrients, uncontrolled use of chemical fertilizers, avoiding the use of organic fertilizers, pollution caused by indiscriminate use of fertilizers chemical, hard layers of uncontrolled movement of agricultural implements and destruction of soil structure and management of ecological conditions prevailing in the soils. Soil conservation as a source of non-renewable and expensive against the devastation caused by these processes is essential. Soil science of soil genesis, morphology, properties and management of soils which requires qualitative and quantitative understanding of the process of physical, chemical and biological that occurs in the soil. The results of such studies will allow us to use and protection of soils and land for agriculture, forestry, creating promenades, transport systems, urban development and other matters. There optimal soil group in 1374 with 30 students was established experts. Before this date educational and research activities at the Department of Agriculture soil was done

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