Agriculture Faculty
agricultural Economics
Agriculture Faculty
Agriculture Economics

The Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of Urmia its activities from 1389 postgraduate training has begun. Currently, the group with 4 people on two sides of the production and management faculty of agriculture and natural resources and environmental economy is working.

Agricultural economics is a branch of applied economics at having a series of scientific and economic methods to examine the economic factors affecting agriculture, economic relations between agricultural production and application of economic principles in the production and development of agriculture’s. In other words, the application of the principles of agricultural economics and public economics theory, the process of production, exchange, distribution and consumption of food and raw materials for other sectors studied Dhd.dansh graduates can participate in the analyst and economist , agricultural development programs at regional and national level examine. Engineers can also as an expert in agricultural economics, organizations and devices, such as the Ministry of Agriculture, rural cooperatives, Agricultural Bank and units of production and processing of agricultural products Shvnd.dansh graduates working group will be able, especially at higher levels of economic plans agricultural activities and cater to manage and run them. Educational and research activities will also be able to pay.

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Dr. Ozra Javanbakht
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+98 44 31942828
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