Biology and Aquaculture
Artemia & Aquaculture Research Institute
Biology and Aquaculture
Artemia & Aquaculture Research Institute

Area of research 

- Biology and characterization of Artemia and other zooplanktons and fish

- Enrichment of Artemia and other live feed with fatty acids, vitamins, prebiotics and probiotics, etc

- High density culture of Artemia, production of cyst and biomass in large commercial ponds

- Using biofloc technology in production of Artemia

- Biology and production of unicellular algae

- Larviculture and aquaculture of fresh, brackish and marine water ornamental and commercial fish

- Fish nutrition and advancement in fish feed formulation


Ongoing Research Project

- Rearing of Nannochloropsis sp. and chlorella sp. to enrich with EPA and DHA fatty acids by physical stresses

- Study the effect of different Levels of Phospholipid on digestive enzymes activity and nutritional indices of Acipenser persicus


Head of Department
Dr. Farzaneh Noori, Assistant professor in fish physiology and nutrition
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