Ecology and Resource Assessment

Urmia Lake
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Research focuses on the ecology of aquatic systems, with special attention to behavioral ecology, community ecology, evolutionary ecology, population ecology and stress ecology. The department cooperates with other universities and faculties within the Urmia university especially faculty of natural resources.

Overview of the research topics

- Community Ecology & Ecological Biogeography

- Stress Ecology

- Biodiversity & Nature Conservation

- Evolutionary Ecology & Behavioral Ecology

- Molecular Ecology & Ecological Genomics

Staff members

Behrooz Atashbar Kangarloei (PhD)

He is a senior research scientist at the Urmia Lake Research Institute of Urmia University. He wrote his PhD on diversity and distribution patterns of the large branchiopods in temporary pools in Azerbaijan Area, Iran.  His main studies include various aspects of the ecology of small aquatic systems, especially temporary pools and ponds. These researches are used to assess diversity local/regional patterns in relation to environmental gradients and as models to analyze fundamental ecological and evolutionary processes.

Head of Department
Dr. Behrooz Atasshbar
+98 44 33440295
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