Biotechnology Research Center

The Biotechnology Research Center of Urmia University was founded in 2003. The research activities of the center are aimed at achieving the following key objectives:

  1. Transfer and localization of biotechnology, 2. Producing biotechnology, 3. Producing recombinant materials such as drugs, 4. Producing monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, 5. Producing pharmaceutical anti-serum, 6. Producing laboratory kits, 7. Producing stem cells and cell therapy, 8. Providing bone marrow transplantation facilities, 9. Fighting against bio-terrorism and producing the relevant anti-serums, 10. Producing human and animal vaccines, 11. Producing GM plants, 12. Correcting breeding plants as well as producing resistant varieties, 13. Production and localization of biotechnology of medical herbs, 14. Identifying regional flora herbs, 15. Extraction and identification of effective herbal medicine, 16. Production and commercialization of effective herbal medicine, 17. Checking electro-chemical characteristics of biologic materials, 18. Producing effective nano particles in electrochemistry, 19. Producing laboratory kits based on bio-sensor activities, 20. Promoting the quality of research in West Azerbaijan Province, 21. Promoting the quality of education in the province, 22. Networking and strengthening ties with regional and international research and industrial biotechnology centers in line with resistance economy, 23. Creating jobs and laying the foundation for biotechnology industry with high value added products, 24. Promotion of biotechnology in the province as a hub of national and regional biotechnology with cooperation of science and technology parks and incubators, 25. Supporting knowledge-based activities.

Research Facilities of the Center

Biotechnology Research Center has a premise of more than 2000 square meters, 1500-square-meter laboratory; 50-square-meter library; 100-square-meter clean room, 50-square-meter animal house, 300-square-meters office space. This center is devoted to serving researchers of the country round the clock on a daily basis.

Biotechnology Research Center has four main research groups, namely:

  • Agricultural biotechnology group with seven faculty members
  • Cell and molecular biotechnology group with six research staff
  • Group of industrial and medicinal plants biotechnology group with seven research staff
  • Bio-electro chemistry group with eight researchers
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