Department of Educational Psychology

Department of Education was established in 1990 and since then, it has offered educational programs at Urmia University. In 1994, this department began educating the first group of students in the field of educational management. In 2004, it received its first group of students in this field at MA level. In 2008, the first group of PhD students in the same field were admitted to this department and with the purpose of expanding the branches of this field, the PhD program in the management of higher education was also established in 2012. Moreover, in 2008, MA program in the field of educational psychology was launched. In 2012, this department admitted students in the field of general psychology.

The aims of the department

The major aim of this department is to educate the human resources necessary for the society at its different sectors especially in the Ministry of Education (MOE), and other organizations that deal with educational issues.


 This faculty offers BA, MA, and PhD programs in four fields (Educational Management at three levels, Higher Education Management at PhD level, Educational Psychology at MA level, General Psychology at PhD, and Psychology at BA level.

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