Microelectronic Research Center

A research group with a focus on Micro-electronics was founded in 1996 through the efforts made by Dr. Hadidi. This small group began its activities by purchasing some workstation computers and softwares. In 2000, the group received official recognition from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and was named The Micro-electronics Research Center. In 2003, with the approval of Urmia University and in accordance with the permits issued by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in 2004, the center changed its name to Micro-electronics Institute and has been conducting research projects in three major strands with :

  1. Analog Integrated Circuits Research Group
  2. Digital Integrated Circuits Research Group
  3. Fuzzy Integrated Circuits Research Group

The institute mostly deals with training experts in world-class industry of integrated circuits and technology generation to secure funding for the institute and the university. Basically, a modern university, like universities in developed countries, should be directed toward the creation of knowledge and technologies with specific objectives. We believe that we are able to do so at Urmia University and we will work diligently to keep our department moving in a future-oriented direction.

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