Office of Chancellor


Doctor Rahim Hobbe Nagi in February 1338 in Orumiyeh was born in 1365 and graduated from Tehran University of Veterinary Medicine doctoral degree at the University of Urmia became public. In 1370 he was appointed as Deputy Director of School of Veterinary Medicine at the University took its first executive responsibility. In October 1376 as head of the university and the responsibility to 1380 was undertaken.

He has important executive responsibilities

§ Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine: 71-1370

§ Administrative and Financial Assistant Veterinary Medicine: 73-1372

§ Administrative and Financial Assistant University: 76-1373

§ rector: 80-1376

§ head of the Institute of Nanoscience and Biotechnology: 84-1382

§ Head of Department of Plant Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries: 84-1382

§ Director of the Immunology Department from 1388 to January 1393

§ rector: from 18 January 1392 to date

Message from the Chairman on the occasion of the beginning of academic year

Name of God

Students, staff and faculty honorable Urmia University
Thank God for the grace of his subject the people of Iran in the region tense, with unity, empathy and compassion between people and government, thanks to the safety and security that we enjoy, to the 95-94 school year His name start.
passionate presence in the crucial electoral success and hopefully will be recorded on the path to social participation.
The great success with remarkable success in the economy, science and technology, promising a bright future for the Iranian community. In such circumstances, academics task as vanguards areas of science and technology, culture and other sections of society more than he finds.for the sake of humanity and excellence in the country perform.

Dr.Rahim Hobbe Nagi

Chancellor’s message

We strive to transform Urmia University into a higher education institution of scientific innovations and professionally tailored educational services. Our ultimate goal is to turn Urmia University into an outstanding higher education institute with a good ranking in Iran and Asia. To this end, we are committed to boosting and expanding our teaching, research, and entrepreneurship programs to truly make this university a cradle of sustainable development and higher education in West Azerbaijan Province and Iran. We are very eager to maintain and promote scientific ties and joint ventures with other universities all around the world specifically with those in our neighboring countries.

Dr. Rahim Hobbenaghi was born in Urmia in 1959. He received his Ph.D. degree from Tehran University. He acted as the Chancellor of Urmia University from 1997 to 2001. He was appointed as the Chancellor of Urmia University for the second term in January 2014.

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