Vice-Chancellor, Finance and Administration


Dr. Mahmoud Rzazad Bari in Orumiyeh was born in 1341 and educated at schools in Urmia is completed. He entered the University in 1362 with a degree in biology education and was graduated in 1365. In 1368, Master of Science in microbiology began in 1371 have been completed. The same year as chairman of the University Jihad, and at the same time working as a faculty member in the College of Agriculture were hired. In 1378 to study at PhD on stock Urmia University sent to India in 1382 and returned to the University of Posts and Cultural Student Affairs and Administrative support services continued. Now they are working in the office of Faculty of Agriculture

 A summary of the main duties and responsibilities of the vice-support and human resource development include

– And to monitor the implementation of employment legislation and administrative byelaw
– Forecast staffing requirements, control and supervise the performance of departments within the university
– Monitor the implementation of laws and regulations and financial regulations
– Receive monthly and annual financial reports University
– Supervising the preparation of contracts and the construction of buildings and facilities of the University Pymankay
– Provide a comprehensive map of the campus buildings according to future needs and to coordinate the construction and installation projects and construction
– Monitor overhaul
– Maintenance of educational facilities and teaching aids and recreational and sport
– Monitoring of purchases and contracts to provide transportation for students, staff and management – commissions such as the Commission on Article 45 (transactions) and Article 59 (sale of surplus property) and oversee the maintenance of accounts and non-expendable property of the university.


Deputy support and human resource development :  Dr. Mahmoud Rzazad Bari

Account Manager :  Morteza Zarandi

IT Manager :  MohammadReza Niknafs

Director of Support :  Rasoul Akbari Dilmaghani

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