Shahram Khalil Arya
in Mechanical Engineering

As a center of excellence in engineering sciences in the North West of Azerbaijan Province, Engineering Faculty of Khoy, affiliated to Urmia University, was founded in 1996 with accepting students in associate-degree (A.S.) programs in the field of Civil Engineering- Public Works of Buildings. Admission of students in associate-degree program in the field of architecture in order to meet the urgent needs of the region for local specialists and a response to the increasing interest of the young in Khoy have further boosted the academic status of the faculty since 2003. The development of the faculty was accelerated in 2010 with the acceptance of students in BS programs in the field of Civil Engineering. Recently, with the enrollment of students in BS programs in the fields of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering since September 2015, the faculty has become more developed and scientifically dynamic. Hopefully, the faculty will be developing more and more in the near future with recruiting faculty members in different fields and starting other new disciplines in both BS and MS levels.

The current premise of the faculty with an overall area of 6000 square meters out of which 2800 square meters belong to educational and administrative buildings is located in Valiasr, Khoy. The main campus of the faculty is being constructed near the Mellat Park with an overall area of 41 hectares from which 8500 square meters are to be allocated to buildings. The existence of the desired educational and hardware facilities, classrooms equipped with computers and video projectors, well-equipped computer rooms, and several laboratories and workshops has laid the ground for the education and progress of the young people who are interested in scientific studies and excellence. With more attention and support of the officials of the university and the city itself, the faculty will definitely achieve the level of development it deserves.

Research Facilities/ Workshops

The main facilities of this faculty include concrete laboratory, soil mechanics laboratory, physics laboratory, materials strength laboratory, hydraulics laboratory (under construction), computer room equipped with 21 up-to-date computer systems, educational classrooms equipped with computer and video projector, architecture studios equipped with computer and video projector, a well-equipped library and welding workshop and wood workshops.

Faculty of Engineering Khoy
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  • B.Sc. : 3
  • M.Sc. : 0
  • Associate's degree : 2
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Vice-Dean of Research & Graduate
Mostafa Hassanlou
Iran, West Azarbaijan, Khoy
+98 44 36433151