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Visa and Counseling Affairs

Visa and Consular Services

Consular Affairs aims to facilitate the implementation of foreign students' affairs (such as Educational/Student Visa, Residency Permit, Extension of Residency, etc) through contact with the International Students Organization of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. In order to coordinate and comply with consular rules, knowledge of relevant principles and rules is essential for all non-Iranian students and they are expected to be aware of the relevant laws and act accordingly. 


A. Educational Visa

Students wishing to study at Urmia University are required to enter the country with an Educational visa (E Visa). For this purpose, applicants who have been accepted to the University of Urmia are required to submit the required documents, including a scan of the personnel photo and a passport along with a completed visa form to the Consular Affairs Office of International Relations. It is imperative that students pay attention to the expiry date of their passport and to replace it six months before the expiry date.Upon the issuance of the Visa Grant Form, the applicant will be notified by email to enter the Iranian Embassy or Consulate in the country concerned and to issue a student E visa with Iran within the deadline set out in the said Form. Note 1: Please note the deadline for applying for a student visa as of the date listed on the Visa Grant Sheet. Note 2: After arriving in Iran on a student visa, please note the one-month deadline for applying for residency. Note 3: If you do not apply for a residency within the above-mentioned timeframe, apply for a student visa extension.


B. Issuance of Educational Residency 

Students who have entered Iran with a study visa must apply for an academic status immediately before the visa expires. For this purpose, they must first apply for a visa and passport to the Consular Office of International Relations and, after submitting documents to the Student Affairs Office, submit a copy of the residence application to the provincial passport office for filing and filing. Refer to the Citizens' Bureau as required. They must refrain from leaving the country during the necessary steps or their visas will be canceled.The residence is issued for one year.It is noteworthy that according to the Immigration and Nationality Police rules, there will be a fine of 450,000 IR Rials (5 US Dollars) for each day of the delay. 


C) Issuance of Residency Extension

After leaving the country, students must first go to the Consular Office of International Relations before leaving Iran and have a letter of request for their departure permit issued by the Provincial Passport Office. Withdrawals are usually issued with a three-month validity and students must re-issue before the deadline expires.