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Welfare Affairs




Accommodation, Food, Medical Insurance, Sporting Facilities

International students are mainly accommodated in the campus of Nazloo. These dormitories are close to colleges, classrooms and laboratories. On the campus of Nazlo, students enjoy facilities including restaurants, pools, stadiums, fitness clubs, cinemas, cycling routes, and more. Launched at the University of Urmia, the Health Center has advanced facilities that provide services to students. The Central Library of Urmia University has provided outstanding services to students, including information literacy, science databases, science workshops and academic writing courses. All students can use the library space and reading rooms.

Accommodation in university dormitories varies according to the number of persons in the same room.

Two-person room     17/000/000 Rials (approx. $ 141) per semester per person

Three-person room   11/666/667 Rials (approx. $ 97) per semester per person

Four-person room    750/000 Rials (approx. $ 72) per semester per person



Three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) each meal is 50/000 Rials (approximately half a dollar). Food will be served at university student restaurants and will be available for 22 days a month with the exception of Thursdays and Fridays as well as official holidays. Moreover, these fees are at the subsidized cost, but students can choose to have free meals inside the university at an open meal rate, which varies depending on the type of meal.


Sporting Facilities

Sports areas include: indoor pool, gym, fitness clubs and outdoor sport areas. The fee will be equivalent to those of Iranian students.


Health Insurance Affairs

All Iranian and international students of Urmia University are covered by accident insurance from the university. The cost of health insurance (https://ihio.gov.ir) is 890,000 Rials (approx. $ 8) per month Which annually is 10,680,000 rials (approx. $ 89) per person. The coast is received all at once (12 months). It will be the same for each student’s family member who has residency. 



Students can use the bus service, which offers both free and paid services at specified times, for transportation from the university to the city center and vice versa. In case of need, there is a private taxi agency inside Nazlu campus to provide you cars at personal charges.