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Agriculture Faculty
Plant Protection and Genetics
Agriculture Faculty
Plant Protection Genetics

The Department of Plant Production and Genetics reform and one of the ten groups in the College of Agriculture (the first school in the Urmia University, which was established in 1965) is. The group separated in 2012 from the Department of Agriculture began its activities independently. Group took off from the group Crop addition of two graduate degree (agricultural biotechnology in plant breeding in 1387 and 1388), respectively. The first half of the school year 94 93 Two PhD in Plant Breeding (orientation of molecular genetics – genetic tendency biometry) were added to the activities of the group so that the group already has a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree and two doctorate degrees for plant breeding and a master’s degrees for agricultural biotechnology. Since the breakdown of undergraduates reform of agriculture (1387) has graduated 120 students in undergraduate, graduate courses in the field of plant breeding and biotechnology 26 people have been Nfrfarghalthsyl 19. Six faculty members who are graduates of prestigious universities inside and outside the country. Currently, academic trends and attract faculty development program in accordance with the diverse scientific backgrounds on the agenda of the group.

head of department
Dr. Reza Amirnia
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