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Mechanics Department


The department of Mining Engineering includes mining and tunnel engineering. The department was established in 1999, as the first mining department in West Azerbaijan Province. After a decade, graduate program in mining was launched by the department.

Due to the need for qualified expert engineers in tunnel and underground projects, Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology sanctioned establishment of M.Sc. program in “Tunnel Engineering” in the Department of Mining Engineering by the Departments of Civil Engineering at Urmia University and a number of other universities. The program concerns design and construction of various underground spaces including tunnels, shafts, and caverns for different purposes. Undergraduates in civil and mining engineering may take master’s program to pursue their studies.  

The Department of Mining Engineering has developed and promoted advances in academic research by inviting academic staff from other countries and conducting joint-research projects with foreign institutions. For example, an academic cooperation agreement has been signed recently with the University of Leoben, Austria.  


The Department of Mining Engineering offers B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD programs in mining engineering and M.Sc. program in Tunnel Engineering. The graduates can specialize in their preferred fields such as Exploration, Exploitation, Mineral Processing, and Tunnel and Underground Spaces. The programs and the academic degrees offered by the Department of Mining Engineering are as follows:

Program Specialization B. Sc. M. Sc. Ph. D.
Mining Engineering Exploration - + +
Exploitation + + -
Tunnel Engineering Mineral Processing + - -
Tunnel and Underground Spaces - + -

The laboratories in the Department of Mining Engineering include:Laboratories

  • Rock Mechanics Laboratory
  • Mineral Processing Laboratory
  • Mineralogy and PetrologyLaboratory
  • Cartography and Photogeology

Academic Staff

The department’s full-time academic staffs include one full professor, three associate professors, six assistant professors, and two lecturers who conduct innovative research studied and advance educational activities. In addition to the 10 academic staff, there are several dedicated technical staff who assist academic staff with holding educational sessions in laboratory or undergraduates and postgraduates in carrying out research projects.

Head of Department
Dr. Seefaddin Moosazadeh
contact information
+98 44 31942889
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