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Chancllor's Message

 Chancellor’s Message 

Dear Visitor,

Urmia University strives to transform itself into a higher education institution of scientific innovations and professionally tailored educational services. Our ultimate goal is to turn Urmia University into an outstanding higher education institute with a good ranking in Iran and Asia. To this end, we are committed to boosting and expanding our teaching, research, and entrepreneurship programs to truly make this university a cradle of sustainable development and higher education in West Azerbaijan Province and Iran. We are very eager to maintain and promote scientific ties and joint ventures with other universities all around the world specifically with those in our neighboring countries. I invite you to explore what Urmia University has to offer you and discover what makes us a prominent university. I believe you will be amazed by what this university has achieved so far and its potential to accomplish more great things in the future.

Ahmad Alijanpour,

Professor, Department of Forestry, Faculty of Natural Resouces
Chancellor of Urmia University




Urmia University At a Glance


Proudly, modern higher education in Urmia dates back to 120 years ago when the first medical college in Iran was founded on beautiful premises now called Urmia University. Today, this place has distinguished itself as one of the leading universities in Iran (awarded Grade A university by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology).


Urmia University is renowned for its outstanding students, professors and alumni for their praiseworthy accomplishments in the domains of higher education and cutting edge research. As one of the top 15 universities in Iran, its defining strengths include its unwavering commitment to excellence and the promotion of the highest standards.

Students in this university come first and stay at the core of all we do. Your time as a student at Urmia University demands more than experiencing an excellent education. It is a critical period of personal and intellectual discovery and growth, one that will help shape your understanding of yourself and the world.  While a lot is expected from you, Urmia University gives you the means to succeed. Urmia University with its ten faculties and eight research centers strives to offer the best education possible.Through joining Urmia University, you will experience a vibrant learning environment and diverse campus life, where your academic qualifications and personal characteristics will find an optimal ambience to flourish and self-actualize. Today’s social, technological and environmental challenges warrant innovative approaches to research, teaching and learning. While constantly upgrading its facilities to address these challenges, this university provides you with many well-equipped classrooms and high-tech laboratories.

In parallel with these technological improvements, the dedicated, talented, knowledgeable, and research-oriented faculty members are doing their best to offer you an efficient and effective education and steer your research projects in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Our hard-working and supportive staff is also there to ensure that you are well taken care of and have access to the necessary resources to respond effectively to academic challenges and develop lifelong skills.

Having shared borders with three countries, namely Turkey, Iraq and Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Urmia is a city where diverse sub-cultures, ethnicities and religions have co-existed in peace and harmony and have cross-fertilized one another for hundreds of years resulting in a highly tolerant culture.

You are most welcome to join Urmia University and enjoy a world-class higher education and innovative research.


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Our Facilities

      Our Facilities 



Our facilities include highly advanced classrooms and laboratories. Likewise, Urmia University professors thrive in this environment while dedicating themselves as well, to enrich your education and research skills. The primary focus of our hard-working and dedicated administrative staff’ is to ensure that you have the necessary resources to respond effectively to academic challenges and develop lifelong skills.