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Scholarship Opportunities for International Students

Scholarship Opportunities for International Students


Would you like to turn your dream of studying at Urmia University into a reality?

Deciding to study at Urmia University is an investment in your future. A prestigious degree from Urmia University is a valuable and transformative experience which will take your education - and your employability - to the next level. Our mission is to offer an accessible, quality education to any qualified international student. We make this a reality by offering scholarships to those facing financial barriers and other hardships.

In recognition of the outstanding talent of many international students, we offer a range of highly prestigious and competitive scholarship opportunities to support ambitious international students from around the world to come and study at Urmia University. These scholarships are designed to attract and reward students of outstanding ability.

Apply for admission today through the Admission Portal and see if you qualify for a scholarship based on your personal circumstances and achievements in Tuition Fees and Scholarships section.