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Restaurants and Cafés


Urmia University features an eclectic dining scene that provides offerings for every appetite, craving, and price point.  Whether you’re seeking high-end or fast casual, you can find what you’re looking for in one of the dining facilities of our university. You will have a great choice of restaurants/cafés within walking distance of the residences and faculties. The university offers a wide choice of venues offering high-quality food at budget-conscious prices in a variety of small restaurants, stylish cafés, and bars that serve food late into the evening. There are places to eat on campus ranging from large self-service restaurants offering good value hot food to trendy cafés offering gourmet sandwiches, great cakes, specialty coffees and juices. The on-campus food outlets also offer a wide variety of healthy and affordable food options.

The dining facilities of Urmia University include five restaurants with a cooking capacity of almost 10000 servings per day. These include the Central restaurant, the Faculty of Sciences restaurant, the Faculty of Veterinary restaurant, the Faculty of Literature restaurant, and the Faculty of Arts restaurant.

All our locations have fresh meals, starters, snacks, sandwiches, desserts, and drinks every day. The proposed foods in different restaurants, and sandwiches, drinks, and snacks offered at cafes are offered at reasonable prices.

See the menu below to learn about some of the foods served at our restaurants:

  • Loghmeh Kebab Dish: $3

  • Dolmeh (Stuffed Bell Peppers): $2.1

  • Abgoosht (Meat and Potato Stew): $2.5

  • Iranian Stew: $2.1

  • Grilled Trout with Rice: $2.7

  • Soltani Kebab (Mixed Chicken and Meat) with Rice: $2.6

  • Meat Balls: $2

  • Meat Kebab with Rice: $2.5

  • Chicken Kebab with Rice: $2.5

  • Chicken and Rice: $2.5