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Urmia University is proud to annouce that it hosts researchers, faculty members, and students form all faculties and departments in its 11 libraries with a physical area of 5000 square meters.


The Central Library

The central library of Urmia University has been operating for more than 30 years under the supervision of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology of Urmia University. It has various sections including technical services, information center, property counter, circulation counter, theses section, reference section, Persian and English periodicals and publications section and study halls and includes rich and diverse collections and resources in various areas of science, technology, and literature.

The library is connected to Shiraz Regional Information Center for Science and Technology, Knowledge Reference Information Base (Civilica) and Scientific Information Database (SID) and it is currently equipped with the security system of books and closed-circuit camera systems.



Objectives and duties of the Central Library are as follows:

• Contributing to the university's research curriculum

• Facilitating research and investigation activities

• Helping the University in educational planning

• Collecting texts, including Persian and English printed books, periodicals, documents, audio-visual materials.

• Supporting educational, research and cultural goals of the university by addressing the information needs of faculty members, students and other users

• Applying new methods of librarianship and advanced information technologies for optimal use of manpower, resources and facilities

• Expediting dissemination of information and increasing access rate of information and active provision of services

• Gathering a rich collection of scientific-specialized information sources and references in various fields