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Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


Urmia University is a comprehensive, high calibre, social and environmentally friendly university in national and international scales; playing a pivotal role in  solving national and regional problems and confronting backwardness; a pioneer in the training of specialized, skilled, efficient and freethinking human resources with a deep and original foundation of moral and religious values; leader of sustainable development of knowledge-based activities and innovation-entrepreneurship ecosystem, a regional reference for international scientific and technological collaborations and has a top rank in national and international rating systems.



Urmia University has based its mission on the following points:

• Educating value-oriented, hard-working, law-abiding, responsible, committed, expert and religious people for the society

• Production of need-based, advantage-based and priority-based knowledge and technology with an emphasis on transformational humanities

• Identifying and solving strategic issues in interaction with society; In order to respond to the needs of society

• Deepening social awareness and consciousness with the aim of strengthening social capital among different groups of the West Azerbaijan province

• Creating a suitable environment for free thinking and scientific criticism based on the principles of Islam

• Expanding the boundaries of knowledge and effective participation in the development of human capital and sustainable development of society through the education and training of the next generation of researchers, specialists, industrial and economic leaders of the country, as well as the development and application of new sciences, knowledge and technologies with the priority of meeting the basic needs of the province and the country

• All-round cooperation with other universities at the national and international level in order to cultivate thinkers, researchers and experts and a place for cooperation, synergy and dissemination of new ideas to improve individual and social life.

• Conducting basic research and investigation, addressing the scientific and practical needs of the society with a focus on the fields of Lake Urmia, agriculture, mining and mineral industries.



• A green, efficient and equipped with modern technology university

• A reference university with scientific diplomacy

• A wealth-building and self-reliant university

• A social university with purposive educational and research outputs

• An entrepreneurial, innovative, technological and skill-developing university

• A university with committed, invaluable, efficient, competent human resources and favorable social capital

• A university with a favourable welfare index

• A university with optimum inter-organizational interactions with high strategic influence




• Development of an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation

• Improvement of organizational processes and productivity

• Promotion and increasing the attraction of educational and research indices

• Development of international cooperation

• Development of extra-organizational communication

• Diversification of income sources and management of costs

• Improvment of the social and cultural indices of the university

• Optimization of performance management system and improvement of human capital indices