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Accommodation Facilities

Accommodation premises of Urmia University include 30 dormitory buildings with a total capacity of 4200 male and female residents. All dormitories are equipped with reading halls, computer sites, free Wi-Fi, supermarkets, barbershops, gyms, laundry, and dining hall facilities. All of the dormitories are renovated on a regular basis and the buildings are monitored 7/24 with security staff and security cameras in order to provide security. 

International students are mainly accommodated on the campus of Nazloo. These dormitories are close to colleges, classrooms, and laboratories and you can easily get to the main buildings of the University. On the campus of Nazlo, students enjoy facilities including restaurants, pools, stadiums, fitness clubs, cinemas, cycling routes, and more.

Accommodation fees for international students at the dormitories of Urmia University currently equal 15/000/000 Rials (approx. $30) per month per person which are very affordable and much lower than the market prices for renting apartments. This is yet another argument that convinces international students to choose Urmia University dormitories. 

If you applied for a dormitory and got accepted, you can move into the appointed dormitory right after your arrival. 

For more information about the available dormitory rooms, do not hesitate to contact us at intl@urmia.ac.ir 


In addition to the owned dormitory properties of the university, Urmia University provides dormitory service to its students with hotels that are selected, reliable, and close to its campuses. These hotels offer different room options in single, two, four, and various capacities. Please notice that:

1. All international students should be kindly aware that Urmia University introduces the following Hotels for accommodating of International students with a reference letter and after arriving at Urmia City, it is essential to request a letter from the university to receive a 25% discount.

2-It is highly forbidden to stay in other hotels or residences while not informing the university as this can result in invalidation of the visa.

3. Staying in a flat in an approved area of Urmia City would be acceptable if a valid rent contract is provided.

3-There are a limited number of dormitory capacities just for single students.

You can study the guide below to see the detailed information about these hotels and once you decide to reside in any of them download the reference letter form and after completing  hand it in to the university for final arrangements:



|Download Hotels Information


|Download Hotels Reference Form