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Urmia University Growth, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship center (UUGIEC) stands as a testament to a steadfast commitment spanning over two decades, dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurial initiatives within West Azarbaijan Province, Iran. With a visionary approach deeply embedded in its mission, the Center has emerged as a stalwart advocate for the progression of both domestic and international enterprises.

Celebrating more than 20 years of impactful engagement, the Center for UUGIEC has played a pivotal role in shaping the entrepreneurial landscape of West Azerbaijan, Iran. Situated strategically within the dynamic province of West Azarbaijan. The center's logistical position near the borders of neighboring countries is of paramount significance. This strategic orientation has positioned the UUGIEC not only as a regional innovation hub but has also facilitated cross-border collaborations and partnerships, thus opening avenues for technological and innovative exchange at the national level.

The supportive ethos of the UUGIEC, coupled with its robust physical infrastructure, has fostered a dynamic and efficient ecosystem. This ethos is interwoven into the initiatives, programs, and collaborative endeavors with research institutes, laboratories, and the broader infrastructure of Urmia University, rendering the center a beacon for startups and a catalyst for supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses. These advantages collectively establish the UUGIEC as a formidable force in enhancing economic conditions.

Situated within an ancient and historically significant space, the center remains steadfast in its commitment to synergy and alignment with global trends. UUGIEC remains at the vanguard of technological advancements. Functioning as a facilitator of cross-border exchanges, the center actively engages in joint research projects with counterparts in neighboring countries. This strategic approach not only enriches the local and national intellectual capital but also contributes to the establishment of a collaborative ecosystem that transcends geopolitical boundaries.



Establishing a Culture of Innovation:

The primary mission of the Growth, Innovation, and Urmia university Entrepreneurship Center Urmia University (UUGIEC) is to cultivate and perpetuate a technological culture that authentically values creativity. In pursuit of this objective, the center embraces an open-minded approach to problem-solving. By actively welcoming a diversity of thoughts and recognizing successes and failures as invaluable catalysts for learning and growth, the center is dedicated to establishing an environment that fosters and nurtures innovative thinking.


Facilitating Interdisciplinary Collaboration:

Innovation thrives at the convergence of diverse fields and expertise. The mission of the UUGIEC is to converge professionals from various domains such as technology, design, and business to collaborate on technological projects. This interdisciplinary approach is instrumental in generating optimal solutions that effectively address multifaceted challenges.

Guiding Research and Development:

A pivotal mission of the UUGIEC is the pursuit of continuous research and development. The center actively aligns its trajectory with emerging technologies, market trends, and societal and technological needs. Through dedicated investment in research and development, the center aspires to introduce new products, services, or processes with the potential to catalyze technological revolutions in prominent industries.

Fostering Startup Growth and Acceleration:

Serving as an incubator or accelerator for startups, the UUGIEC extends comprehensive support to entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. By offering guidance, facilitating access to resources, and providing a conducive work environment, the center nurtures the growth of startup enterprises. This mission significantly contributes to the broader innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, playing a pivotal role in the advancement of the country and region.

Advocating Design Thinking:

Design thinking, a problem-solving methodology emphasizing empathy, ideation, and prototyping, is actively promoted and applied by the UUGIEC. This mission involves imparting training in design thinking methodologies to teams and integrating these principles into the innovation process, thereby ensuring the creation of application-oriented solutions.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement:

The UUGIEC is dedicated to the perpetual evaluation and enhancement of its activities. This commitment has transformed the center into an agile organization, capable of adapting and responding to technological changes, market dynamics, and the evolving needs of stakeholders. The pursuit of continuous improvement underscores the center's commitment to excellence and its proactive stance in the dynamic landscape of innovation and entrepreneurship.


National Perspective of the UUGIEC:

  • Establishment of a Research and Development Center
  • Enhancing Industry-University Collaboration
  • Comprehensive Support for Startups and Local Entrepreneurs
  • Development of a Local and National Expert Workforce
  • Collaboration with Educational Institutions to Address Skill Gaps
  • Active Participation in Local and National Economic Development


International Perspective of the UUGIEC:

  • Formation of Partnerships with International Research Institutes and Innovation Centers
  • Engaging in International Research Collaborations
  • Encouraging Joint Research Projects with Similar International Centers
  • Facilitating the Global Transfer of Technologies
  • Implementation of Programs to Attract International Talents
  • Alignment with Global Technological Trends