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International Cooperation


The services of the International Relations Office to Iranian students include the following  :

⇒ Issuance of study certificate in English for students who wish to participate in conferences and study opportunities to be presented to foreign embassies and universities

⇒ Sending students abroad in the form of student exchange with foreign universities and international projects such as Erasmus and Student Mobility Program

⇒ Issuance of academic confirmation of Urmia University graduates to third party organizations such as WES.

⇒ It is necessary to explain that all the above services can be provided if a written permission is sent from the Vice Chancellor for Academic and Higher Education Affairs of Urmia University. Also, it is necessary to scan the applicant's passport along with the introduction letter.



The services of the International Relations Office to faculty members include the following :

⇒ Issuance of employment certificate in English for faculty members of Urmia University who wish to participate in conferences and sabbatical opportunities to be presented to foreign embassies and universities.

⇒ Correspondance and Matters related to the membership of Urmia University in international forums and organizations.

⇒ Obtaining a permit from the office of monitoring the foreign trips of the government employees of the presidential office for the foreign trips of the university staff and academics.

⇒ Obtaining visas for foreign invitees and guests of the university in visits, scientific meetings, conferences and conventions, lectures, etc.

⇒ Issuing and sending invitation letters in English to invite foreign guests of the university

⇒ Coordination of meetings, reservation of accommodation and notification to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and Security Office of the Universuty about the presence of foreign guests in the university

⇒ Preparation and arrangement of signing ceremony of Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) between Urmia University and foreign universities and institutions

⇒ Tracking and Informing the implementation of Urmia University's Memorandum of Understandings (MoU)

⇒ Follow-up, launch and implementation of joint courses