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Proudly, modern higher education in Urmia dates back to 120 years ago when the first medical college in Iran was founded on beautiful premises now called Urmia University.

Urmia University, founded in 1964, is the largest public university in West Azarbaijan province of Iran with its main campus located in Nazlu, in the vicinity of Urmia city. Having shared borders with three countries, namely Turkey, Iraq and Azerbaijan, Urmia is a city where diverse sub-cultures, ethnicities and religions have co-existed in peace and harmony and have cross-fertilized one another for hundreds of years resulting in a highly tolerant culture. The distance of Urmia University from border of Turkey is 50km and 140km from border of Iraq and it is just 20km away from the Urmia Airport.

Urmia University is renowned for its outstanding students, professors, and alumni for their praiseworthy accomplishments in the domains of higher education and cutting edge research. As one of the top 15 universities in Iran, its defining strengths include its unwavering commitment to excellence and the promotion of the highest standards with a vibrant learning environment and diverse campus life, where academic qualifications and personal characteristics will find an optimal ambiance to flourish and self-actualize.

Urmia University has eleven faculties, more than 14,000 students, and six exclusive research centers including Urmia Lake research institute, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Microelectronics, Social Studies, and Artemia and Aquaculture research centers. Urmia University also possesses two campuses: one satellite campus in the city of Miayndoab, Iran and another campus for international students in Urmia. Total space area of Urmia University equals 505 hectares with 286000 square meters of educational premises and its Nazlu campus is the biggest university campus in size in the northwest of Iran.

Urmia University has more than 220 assistant professor, 180 associate professors, and over 100 full professors who currently teach in over 300 study programs at undergraduate, masters, and doctorate levels in 70 educational departments. Accommodation premises of Urmia University include 30 dormitory buildings with a total capacity of 4200 male and female residents with reading hall, computer site, free Wi-Fi, supermarket, barbershop, gyms, laundry and dining hall facilities. Dining facilities of Urmia University include five restaurants with the cooking capacity of almost 7500 servings per day. Urmia University is a highly reputable university for its comprehensive sporting facilities which include 5 sports halls, 2 swimming pools, 5 fitness centers, 30 outdoor sport spaces, and 3 football fields distributed over 31966 square meters of outdoor and 10240 square meters of indoor sporting spaces. Currently 11 libraries with 5000 square meters and the central laboratory of the university with 1000 square meters with high-tech equipment host researchers form all faculties and departments.

Urmia University has been listed among 201-300 universities in Shanghai Ranking in the field of science and food industry and among 301-400 universities in Shanghai Ranking in the field of mechanical engineering. It has been also ranked as 11-20 among Iranian universities according to ISC ranking and 678 according to ranking of SCIMAGO institutions. Furthermore, nine faculty members of Urmia University have been elected as Highly Cited Researchers in two consecutive years.

Urmia University currently hosts over 1700 international students from different nationalities form Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon countries with the largest share of Iraqi students currently studying at Urmia University. It has been elected by Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research and Technology as the top Iranian university for attracting foreign students.