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Counseling Services


Counselling Services and Health Insurance


Counselling Services

Urmia University Counselling Service provides a year-round service for all students and staff with a range of services including groups and workshops, self-help resources and individual counselling to support students as they work through personal challenges that affect their ability to succeed at school and in other areas of their lives. It also supports staff and faculty to respond to student concerns.

All counsellors are professional and licenced counsellors who strive to provide a secure, supportive environment for students of all orientations and backgrounds. Counselling services and individual appointments are provided, at no charge, in a private and confidential setting to all national and international students through in-person sessions. During your appointment, you and your counsellor will work together to determine the best approach for you!


Health Insurance

All Iranian and international students of Urmia University are covered by accident insurance from the university. The cost of health insurance (https://ihio.gov.ir) is 27,000,000 Rials (approx. $ 65) annually per person. The cost is received all at once (12 months). It will be the same for each student’s family member who has residency.