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Research At Urmia University

Research At Urmia University



The main characteristic of new generation of universities is the centrality of research and technology and the degree of scientific, economic and social impact of the university. To this end, the main mission of Urmia University in the sectors of research and technology is to institutionalize the processes of movement in the boundaries of knowledge, technology and innovation and to connect research with the needs of society.


To realize the research demands set forth in this framework, some of the missions of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology are as follows:

• Attracting financial and spiritual support from economic sectors outside the University for the research activities of faculty members

• Encouraging and supporting faculty members and graduate students to increase scientific and technological quality outputs

• Encouraging and guiding faculty members towards demand-oriented research

• Establishing a liaison office with the industry in governmental and private sector organizations for the part-time presence of faculty members to solve the problems of the executive departments

• Organizing the facilities of laboratories and research centers of the university to meet the needs of all faculty members and to provide services for departments and sectors outside the University

• Paying special attention to sabbatical leaves of faculty members, developing post-doctoral positions and promoting  scientific diplomacy of the University

• Planning to receive international grants

• Supporting the publication of scientific and research journals and investing effort for international indexing of them

• Organizing various technology events to lift the spirit of innovation and creativity among students

• Directing research centers towards financial independence and solving the problems of society and industry

• Developing scientific and technological collaborations with the Science and Technology Park of the West Azarbaijan province and strengthening innovation centers and incubators of the university