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Here in Urmia University, the Electrical Power Engineering Department provides unique access to both research centers and exploratory labs, fostering different aspects of electricity generation, transmission, and distribution systems. Qualified and competent faculty members along with professional staffs are steering the interested students to dig in the cutting-edge technologies and explore the frontiers of knowledge.

Graduate Program

The Power Engineering Department has extended graduate program on both Master of Science (M. Sc.) and Philosophy of Doctorate (Ph.D.) careers with two main specializations including:

Power Engineering with a Specialization on

M. Sc.



Power Systems and High-Voltage




Power Electronics and Electric Machines Drive



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Research Areas

The graduate students are collaboratively conducting fresh and innovative research studies aiming at devising pertinent models assuring cost-effective and technically-justified solutions. To this end, a wide range of research areas are thoroughly conveyed to M.Sc. and Ph. D. students; however, the main focus is on:

         • Smart Grids;                

         • Power System Restructuring and Electricity Markets;

         •Demand Side and Energy Management Systems;

         •Power System Operation and Planning;

         •Dynamics and Protection;

         •FACTS Applications in Power Systems;

         •Power Electronics and Grid-Integrated Renewable Energies;

         •Power Quality and Custom Power Devices



Research and Experimental Labs

More importantly, graduate students could access to the research, design, and fabrication facilities to experimentally validate the proposed schemes. Modern test and measurement setups, such as power electronics laboratory (shown in figures), encourages the students to bridge the gap between the theory and practice. As well, graduate students could be involved in some granted projects, contracted by regional electricity companies, to resolve the running technical issues in industry applications.



Graduate Courses (Spring and Fall Semesters)

      Power System and High Voltage Specialization:

         •Smart Grids

         •Power System Restructuring (Electricity Markets)

         •Power System Planning; Issues, Algorithms, and Solutions

         •Electric Energy Distribution Networks

         •Power System Reliability

         •Power System Operation and Control

         •Power System Transients Analysis

         •Digital Protection of Power System

         •Advanced Protection of Power System

         •Power System Dynamics I

         •Power System Dynamics II

         •Reactive Power Control

         •Probabilistic Analysis of Power System

         •Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System (FACTS)

         •Micro-Generations and Microgrid

         •Special Topics in Power Systems

         •Modern Control Principles

         •Renewable Energy

         •Power System Optimization

         •Energy Economic

         •Design of Solar Power Systems

         •Power Quality

         •Electrical Energy Storage Systems

         •High-Voltage & Insulation Technology


      Power Electronics and Electric Machines Drive Specialization:

         •Power Electronics I

         •Power Electronics II

         •Comprehensive Theory of Electric Machines

         •Electric Machines Control and Drive

         •Modern Electric Machines

         •Design of Power Electronic Converters

         •New Methods of Power Electronic Converters Control

         •Design of Linear Electric Machines

         •Power Quality

         •Special Topics


Under-Graduate Program

Moreover, we are offering beneficial and standard pedagogical process for the undergraduate students who are pursuing the Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) degree in Electrical Power Engineering. Versatile beneficial and standard course topics along with experimental labs are available for mixing the theoretical learnings with practical experiences. Well-equipped Electrical Machines Lab (shown in the figure) and power system analysis and control labs could be named among the several laboratories provided for in-depth learning of undergraduate students.



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