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Ahmad Imani
Assosiate Professor
of Forestry

For many years, the North West of Iran has been known for its rich agriculture, natural resources, and aquaculture. Thanks to the unique forests of Arasbaran and the northern Zagros, verdurous pastures, and abundant water resources, this region is known to be a central area in Iran. In order to use and manage the limited available natural resources, countries need to train skilled human resources who take administrative positions and conduct researches based on their theoretical and practical knowledge of the field. After gaining approval in 1997, the Faculty of Natural Resources was founded in 2002 at Urmia University with the dedicated efforts of well-informed, committed, and compassionate staff. Ever since, the undergraduate program has been offered in Natural Resources Engineering Rangeland and Watershed Management. Currently, departments and fields of the faculty are as follows:

 1-rangeland and watershed department including courses:

 1-1- rangeland and watershed management (bachelor)

 1-2- rangeland (master)

 1-3- watershed management (master).

2-forestry deparment including courses:

 2-1- forestry (bachelor)

 2-2- forestry (master)

 2-3- forest pathology (master)

 2-4- forest science (PhD)

3-fishery department including courses:

 3-1- aquaculture (master)

 3-2- aquatics ecology (master)

 3-3- aquaculture (PhD)


Our major aims and responsibilities include:

 1-training of efficient and specialist human rsources.

 2-conducting fundumental and applied research relating to the region demnads.

 3-collaborating with administratives.

 4-developing graduate studies.

 5-quality of education is a basis.

 6-developing of natural resources conservation and proper utilization culture.

Faculty of Natural Resources
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Academic Disciplines
  • B.Sc. : 2
  • M.Sc. : 6
  • Ph.D. : 3
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Vice-Dean of Research & Graduate & Education
Hirad Abghari
Iran, Urmia, 11km Sero Road
Faculty of Natural Resorces
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