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Natural Resources

The Forestry Department of Urmia University was established in 2009. The department offers bachelor, master’s and PhD degrees in Forestry and consists of nine academic staffs from different sub-disciplines, such as forest ecology and silviculture, forest management and planning, genetics and economics.

Introduction to Forestry Department of Urmia University
Forestry is the science and art of forest management. Training expert engineers and planners, Forestry aims at conservation, rehabilitation, afforestation and utilization of natural forests and plantations. Given the economic, social and cultural values of forests in providing timber and other forest products, job opportunities, carbon sequestration, protection against soil erosion, and recreation, the importance of this field of study for sustainable management of forest ecosystems is increasingly appreciated. Educated foresters have the opportunity to get employed in research and education centers or alternatively in governmental/private centers.
The Forestry Department of Urmia University offers two main sub-disciplines: biological science in forestry (i.e. Forest Ecology and Silviculture) and Forest Management (e.g. Forest Management and Planning and Biometrics) .
The undergraduate/bachelor program in Forestry constitutes 137 units which is scheduled for eight semesters (i.e. four years). The program for master’s and PhD programs include 32 and 36 units, respectively.


Head of Department
Dr. Elias Ramazani
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+98 44 31942504
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