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Biology Department


The Department of Biology was established in the Faculty of Science in 1979 and admitted B.Sc. students in the field of General Biology. Two sub-divisions, namely “Plant Sciences” and “Teacher Training for Biology”, were founded in the department after Cultural Revolution and reopening of universities in 1983. Currently, there are two B.Sc. programs (Plant Sciences and Animal Sciences), five M.Sc. programs (Plant Physiology, Plant Taxonomy and Ecology, Animal Physiology, Developmental and Cellular Animal Biology and Biochemistry) and one PhD program (Plant Physiology) in the department. Sixteen faculty members in different sub-specialties of biology are employed in this department.

The main purposes of the offered programs are to educate qualified experts and to identify and flourish the potentials of the young to meet some of the demands of our society in these fields.

Undergraduate programs: Total number of B.Sc. students: 327 which includes 167 students majoring in Plant Sciences and 160 students majoring in Animal Biology.

Master’s Programs: Total number of M.Sc. Students: 126 whose breakdown is 30 in Plant Physiology, 14 in Plant Taxonomy and Ecology, 25 in Animal Physiology, 24 in Biochemistry, 16 in Histology and Embryology and 10  in Developmental and Cellular Animal Biology and 7 in environmental sciences.

PhD Program: The number of PhD students in Plant Physiology is 23.

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Dr. Jalil Khara
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