Mathematics Department


Before 1984, the Department of Mathematics was responsible for teaching mathematics in other departments. However, in 1984, it was officially established as an independent department with six faculty members. Some important events after this year are as follows.

1989: Admission to the Bachelor of Mathematics Education program

1990: Admission to the Bachelor of Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics program

2000: Admission to the Master of Algebra and Analysis program

2002: Admission to the Master of Geometry-Topology program

2004: Establishment of the Master of Matroid program (an exclusive MS program solely offered at Urmia University)

2004: admissions to Part-time Attendance Education Centre in all master degrees

2005: admissions to the Doctorate of Finite Groups program

2009: the first PhD student graduated in Finite Groups,

2009: admission to the Doctorate of Analysis program

2010: admission to a new bachelor system (i.e., Bachelor of Mathematics and Applications)

2012: admission to the Doctorate of Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry program

2012: admission to the Master of Numerical Analysis program

2013: admission to the Doctorate of Geometry-Topology and Matroid program

2013: admission to the Doctorate of Algebra program in Pardis Campus.

Currently, the Department of Mathematics enjoys the full-time cooperation of 20 academic members (2 Professors, 5 Associate Professors, and 13 Assistant Professors). In addition, three of the department’s staff got retired.

Number of students

A) The number of undergraduate students in Mathematics and Applications: 320

B) The number of MS students in various fields of algebra, analysis, topology, geometry, Matroid, and Numerical Analysis: 247

C) The number of PhD students in the fields of algebra, analysis, and algebraic topology: 29

D) The number of graduate students in Part-time Attendance Education Centre: 89,

E) The number of PhD students in Pardis Campus: 6.

Conferences held

2001: The 13th Conference on Algebra

2008: The 5th Conference on Geometry and Topology

2009: Conference on Complex Analysis

2010: The 41th International Conference on Mathematics. 


A) The number of published ISI-indexed papers: 128 articles

B) The number of published research papers: 114 articles

C) The number of published books: 12 volumes

D) The number of published translations: 1 volume.

Head of Department
Dr gh.gholami
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+98 44 32752137
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