History & Missions


The Institute which was formerly known as Artemia & Aquatics Research Institute, started its research activities related to Artemia and Urmia Lake at

Urmia University in  the framework of research projects in 1994. Simultaneously with the expansion of research activities on Artemia, establishment of

the Institute was proposed by  Dr. Naser Agh in 1998. Theproposal was immediately approved by the university's board of directors, followed by its

official recognition by the Ministry of Science,  Research & technology in 1999. Efforts made by the center's staff and strong supports by the

university officials led to incredibly rapid development of the center and  despite many shortcomings  in terms of equipment and budget, practically

turned to Artemia Reference Center in Iran and the entire Middle East and Central Asia. Later it was selected to represent Artemia Research activities

in the INCO-DEV international project "Artemia Biodiversity" by the research director of the European Commission in year 2000. FAO

recognized establishment of the Regional Artemia Reference Center for Western and Central Asia in Urmia based on the scientific and research 

potentials of the Institute. The scientific activities of this reference center were led by the Institute.


This research institute has been actively involved in many different types of research activities and has scientific and research collaborations in both

national and international levels with many universities from about 20 countries. Moreover we maintain scientific cooperation with 12 top universities in

Iran to carry out and supervise post graduate students' theses.


- Department of Biology and Aquaculture

- Department of the Pathobiology  and Quality control

- Department of Ecology and Research Assessment

- Department of Molecular Biology and Aquatic Biotechnology