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Architectural Conservation
AUA Faculty
Architectural Conservation Department

Architectural and urban heritage of various nations and cultures have long been an important issue and numerous efforts have been made to safeguard and repair them. This issue is also important among Iranians. Unfortunately in Iran, it was introduced by the government and western patterns were copied. Ignoring the history of this issue and applying it regardless of the indigenous theoretical foundations resulted in the fact that much of the work was carried out by foreign experts. However, this issue is directly linked to the cultural identity and it must have been done by its own people. Therefore, training experts to study, introduce, preserve and repair thousands of monuments was inevitable. This has been a big step in the preservation of cultural heritage and introduction of Iranian-Islamic culture to the world. Special conditions in North West, especially West Azerbaijan Province, in terms of its unique cultural diversity, natural geography, historical geography, and excellent resources that have been in existence for thousands of years mandated the foundation of this department. Urmia University initiated a series of activities in 2007 and finally in 2014 managed to admit students in the field of Monument Repair and Restoration. At present, this department offers academic services in the North West of the country with the cooperation of two faculty members.

Head of Department
Mohammad Mangeli
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