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Architecture Department


Architectural knowledge encompasses the history, culture, art, and civilization of any country. Therefore, it serves as the birth certificate of any nation. Great Iranian architecture holds a special place in the world architecture. Thus, the field has a special place among the artistic and technical fields. It is quite clear that the existence of this field of study at universities contributes much to understanding the architecture of the region, restoring the values, and developing the region. Therefore due to the specific geographical and cultural conditions of Urmia and the neighboring areas, with old and rich architectural structures, the vacancy of this field was strongly felt. Following this line of thinking, the Department of Architecture was founded in 2004 and commenced its activity with the admission of students at BA level and later in 2008, its name was changed to Architecture Engineering. At present, the department has 200 students.  It is hoped that the students will benefit from the experiences of the honorable professors to contribute to preserving the architectural values of the country, particularly the North West, and to take great steps toward its development. The department has 5 faculty members.

Head of Department
Sahel Dejpasand
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