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Chemistry Department

The Faculty of Chemistry was founded in 2017 and began its formal functioning together with two major departments: 1) Organic and Inorganic Chemistry 2) Analytical, Physical, and Applied Chemistry.

The department of Analytical, Physical, and Applied Chemistry has been comprised of three departments including:  

- Analytical Chemistry

- Physical Chemistry 

-  Applied Chemistry.

The department currently has 12 academic staffs including 4 Professor, 3 Associate Professor and 5 Assistant Professor.  

The postgraduate courses in the department are as follows:





Analytical Chemistry

Physical Chemistry


Applied Chemistry



Research topics in the Department:

Current research topics in Analytical chemistry:

- Sensor and Biosensors

- Analytical Electrochemistry

- Drug delivery

- Chemometrics

- Separation techniques

- Quantitative and Qualitative analyses 

Current research topics in Physical Chemistry:

- Corrosion and Electrochemistry

- Computational Physical Chemistry

- Kinetics

- Solar cells and Fuel Cells


Current research topics in Physical Chemistry:

- Environmental Protection Control (Water, Air)

- Wastewater treatment 

- Petrochemical Processes

- Catalytic Processes

- Drug Delivery

- Applied Electrochemistry


Instruments and facilities in the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, and Applied Chemistry:

- Gas Chromatography (GC)

- GC-Mass 


- Atomic Absorption 

- Double Beam Uv-Vis Spectrophotometer

- Spectrofluorometer

- Autolab


Programs in progress:

- Developing postgraduate courses for the schooling of international students (MSC, PhD and Postdoc).

- Creating PhD courses in Applied Chemistry and Physical Chemistry.

- Developing the postgraduate laboratories. 

Head of Department
Seyed Ali Hosseini
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