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Motor Behavior and Sport Managment Department

Motor Behavior and Sport events Managment
Sport Sciences

The Department of Sport Management admits M.S. and PhD students in the field of strategic management of sport organizations. Since 2011, 22 PhD students have been studying in this field. The main purpose of this field is to enable students to understand the fundamentals of sport management, acquire knowledge and skills in the national strategic management, and recognize the management processes of sport industry in the developed countries. It provides an opportunity to analyze the problems of the national sport organizations through localization of global trends which, in turn, enables to offer appropriate strategies for the development and progress of athletic activities in the country. Those who graduate from this field will be able to manage the organization of the athletic events, executive committees, and competitions held by sports federations and hold educational courses for sport organizations.

Head of Department
Dr. Razieh Khanmohamadi
+98 44 32753174
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