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Environmental Sciences

Department of Environmental Sciences, Urmia University is one of the main and active departments of Urmia Lake Research Institute. At present, this department hosts two full time members and attempts to improve environmental knowledge through creative and innovative researches and to solve complex environmental problems. Several main research areas in the department are listed below:  

- Soil and water conservation

- Water and air-induced of soil erosion controlling through bio-novel methods e.g. Soil amendments, stabilizers, and soil microorganisms inoculation

- Evaluation of soil, sediment and water contaminations in different aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems and investigation of their fate and their effects on environment and living organisms.

- Assessment of the effects of some anthropogenic activities such as mining and agricultural activities on water, wastewater and soils pollutions

- Introduce and innovation of new methods with less hazard for treatment of different classes of contaminants such as biological approaches

- Evaluation of the role of natural Wetlands in reduction of the environmental pollutions especially in Urmia Lake Watershed

- Agricultural lands soil quality

- Sustainable management of socio-ecological systems.

We serve as a platform for the exchange of novel ideas addressing key environmental challenges in our focus areas; particularly for Urmia Lake Watershed.

If you, after having read about our work, have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our employees.


Head of Department
Dr. Behzad Hessari
+98 44 33467097
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