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Sediment Processing

Urmia Lake
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In recent decades, with growing Urmia Lake desiccation, many deposited sediments in the bottom of lake are facing threat posing by environmental factors. The sediment processing research group has established in Urmia Lake Institute with objective of evaluation of the practical and scientific methods in sustainable using of the salt flat sediments of the Lake and surrounded wetlands and rivers. The objective of this department is that:

Characterization of the lake‘s sediments in terms of different mineral materials enrichment   

Mining of the minerals from salt flat sediments of the Lake   

Studying of environmental aspects of mining activities  

Assessing pollution and ecological potential of the sediments in aquatic ecosystems

Determining the role of sediments in nutrient balance of aquatic ecosystems 

Therefore, we invite all principal investigators from all disciplines such as geology, chemistry, mine engineering, soil sciences, and natural resources to participate in moving the objective of this research group forward.