Basic Sciences Department

Basic Sciences
Vetarinary Medicine

The Department of Basic Sciences consists of the following five divisions:

1 – Division of Anatomy and Embryology

2 – Division of Histology

3 – Division of Biochemistry

4 – Division of Physiology

5 – Division of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Responsibilities include:

  1. Developing undergraduate students’ theoretical and practical knowledge in Veterinary Medicine.
  2. Conducting DVM thesis on Veterinary Medicine by undergraduate students.
  3. Carrying out research projects on Veterinary Medicine and Basic Sciences.

Graduate Programs

The Department of Basic Sciences offers the following three graduate programs:

  1. PhD program in Anatomy and Embryology
  2. PhD program in Histology
  3. PhD program in Physiology

       In addition, four MS degrees are offered in the Department of Basic Sciences:

       1 – MS degree in Anatomy and Embryology

       2 – MS degree in Histology

       3 – MS degree in Clinical Biochemistry

       4 – MS degree in Toxicology


      1 – Graduation of DVM students

      2 – Graduation of PhD students

      3 – Graduation of MS students

      4 – Conduction of applied theses and research projects in Applied Basic Sciences   

The research projects in the Division of Anatomy, Embryology, and Histology consist of reproductive biology, chemical substances such as synthetic drugs on reproduction, medicinal plants, and their active substances in reproduction.

The research projects in the Division of Biochemistry include gene expression in parasites and oxidative stress at cellular level.

The research projects in the Division of Physiology include physiology of histaminergic system, PAIN, epilepsy, diabetes, memory and learning, feeding behavior, heart physiology, Parkinson disease, and the effects of medicinal plants’ biologically active substances on pain.

The research projects in the Division of pharmacology and Toxicology consist of the effects of toxins on biological systems in the body and the impacts of medicinal plants and their active substances on the prevention of toxin function

Head of Department
Mehdi Imani
+98 44 31942612
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