Pathobiology Department

Vetarinary Medicine
Vetarinary Medicine

The Department of Pathobiology is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in veterinary parasitology and anatomical pathology.The Parasitology group has modern well equipped laboratory facilities with equipments such as sterilization, incubators and refrigerators, optic microscopes, fluorescent microscope, stereomicroscopes, loops, invert loops and a great and rich collection of parasite sections and samples which are being used for different types of researches and diagnostic operations by the professors and students.configured to provide a wide range of research and experimentation in protozoology, arthropod, and malacology, All our facilities, equipment, and services are there to give you the resources you need to do great a research.

The Department of Pathology is dedicated to understanding the basis of disease, to teach knowledge to others, and to apply our understanding to improve medical diagnoses and treatment of patients

The Pathology group is well-equipped with modern  research labs, making different microscopic slides .Our laboratory and autopsy services continues to provide invaluble support for diagnosis and control of diseases both national and regional. It has also  a great archive of histopathologic sections which has been prepared during the passed years.

 The Department of Pthobiology has scanning electron microscopes located in the main campus and are available to members of the University as well as to the outsiders.

Students have access to a wired and wireless network throughout the School and wireless access across the University campus in order to keep the professors and students up-to-date and helping them in their researches

Head of Department
Ali Asgar Tehrani
+98 44 31942646
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