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At the department of seafood processing of Artemia and Aquaculture Research Institute, we devoted our works on how the quality of raw seafood could be preserved, the proper handling and use of fish and shrimp, and how both fishing industry and processing companies could benefit from such information to increase the value of their products. Seafood department of Artemia and Aquaculture Research Institute is working to valorize seafood by-products. Particularly, our mission is to develop more efficient utilization methods results in more benefits.


Area of research 

- Processing technology of industrial fish species

- Minced-based fish products, sausages, nuggets, burger, …

- Development of functional foods

- Valorization of seafood By-products


Ongoing Research Project

- Development of technical knowledge and economic evaluation of utilization of rainbow trout by-product

- Quality control of rainbow trout by-product during storage

- Development of canned shrimp product

- Oil absorption by of some fish products produced from industrial fish species (Tuna, silver carp, …)

Head of Department
Dr. Mehdi Nikoo, Aquatic Products Processing and Preservation Engineering
m.nikoo@urmia.ac.ir , mehdi.nikoo@yahoo.com
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