Micro-electronics at the Electronic and Computer Engineering Department of Urmia University has an extended record of excellence and innovation. The Electronics as a sub-branch of ECE includes both undergraduate and graduate programs. The major objective of the undergraduate program is to raise students’ academic standards and qualify them so that they end up taking positions in the academia, industry, and government. The world-class graduate program of ECE emphasizes integrated circuit design in a wide variety of subjects. Motivated graduates of ECE collaborate with their professors to conduct research projects, and turn the department to one of the leading electrical engineering departments in Iran. The graduate program offers Master of Science and PhD degrees. The graduate program is run jointly with the collaboration of Micro-electronics Research Center. The research projects involve the investigation of a broad spectrum of theoretical and real-world problems. Some of our main research areas are listed below:

1.   Analog Integrated Circuits

2.   Digital Integrated Circuits

3.   VLSI

4.   Data Converters

5.   RF

6.   Image sensors

7.   Learning, Pattern Recognition and neural networks

 8.   MEMS and Micromachining

Head of department
Dr. Behbod Mashofi
+98 44 31942833
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