The Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology at Urmia University is a young yet vibrant department in the School of Engineering. It was formed in 2003, offering B.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering – Software. It has since grown into a department providing educational and research services to more than 200 undergraduate students in Computer Engineering - Software, M.Sc. and Ph.D. graduate students in Information Technology in 2016.

Our goal is to train students such that upon graduation they would have fundamental knowledge in the areas of Computer Engineering and Information Technology. We also help them develop their problem solving and team-work skills so that they will be able to tackle, lead and conduct new projects and research topics.

The educational and research facilities provided in the department include educational laboratories: Operating Systems Laboratory, Computer Networks Laboratory and Database Laboratory. Our research laboratories include Advanced Computer Networks Laboratory, Cloud Computing Laboratory, IoT (Internet of Things) Laboratory.

The students are also encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities. The Scientific Society of Computer Engineering Students and Binary Magazine are two active student organizations led and operated by the Computer Engineering Students. They both have won rewards in University and National competitions.

The department is currently active in the following research areas:

Internet of Things (IoT), Wireless and (Vehicular) Ad Hoc Networks, Social and Economic Aspects of Communications, Multimedia Networking, Network Management, Performance Evaluation of Computer and Communication Networks, Multiagent systems, Network and IoT Security, Machine Learning Applications and Theory, Logic in Artificial Intelligence, Design and Analysis of Algorithms.




Head of Department
Dr. Asghar Asgharian Sardroud
contact information
+98 44 31942880
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