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Communication Engineering Department is recognized as one of the leading departments in the Faculty of Engineering. Dedicated renowned professors and faculty members are continuously involved in timely research topics and pedagogical affairs aiming at enhancing the students’ in-depth insights into both the theoretical and technical issues. Versatile aspects of Communication Engineering including antenna theory, design, and applications, radars and microwaves, electromagnetic waves propagations, frequency selective surfaces and arrays, wireless and networked communications, digital signal processing, image processing, pattern recognition, and several other concepts are addressed in graduate programs.Along with the theoretical learning, the Master and Ph. D. programs are involved with experimental fabrication and test processes. Here, in Urmia University, the Communication Engineering Department is equipped with a recently-established laboratory, called as North-West Antenna and Microwave Research Laboratory. This laboratory is equipped with the recent and advanced measuring devices (shown in the figure), offering accurate and precise high frequency tests on antennas and microwave systems. Bridging the gap between the theory and application augments the students’ capabilities in conducting fresh and innovative research studies. Doing so, this laboratory hosts several research studies archived in high-quality ISI and scientific journals.Typical research and numerical analysis could be conducted in this laboratory, among which the followings could be mentioned: Antenna parameters extraction; Antenna radiation pattern measurements; Scattering parameters measurement of absorbers and frequency selective surfaces; Microwave filters parameters extraction.Moreover, the scientific collaboration with the active organizations, such as Iran Telecommunication Research Center (ITRC), enables the students to involve in latest industry projects and put their learning into real-world applications.        Furthermore, BSc students are carefully engaged in specific and standard courses enhancing their general and basic knowledge in regard of Communication Engineering. These students are also acquiring technical skills by participating in versatile laboratories and experimental studies.  

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