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Horticultural Science
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Horticulture Department at Urmia University launched its undergraduate promgram in Horticultural Sciences in 1995 with the aim of educating specialists in the horticulture sector. Currently, in addition to being active in the Bachelor of Horticulture, there are three master's degree programs in the areas of "Pomology”, “Drink Herbs and Spices” and “Ornamental Plants”. Moreover, since 2014, two new MS programs in “Biotechnology and Molecular Genetics Horticultural Science Plants” and “Post-harvest Physiology and Technology Horticultural Science” and two PhD programs in “Post-harvest Physiology and Technology Horticultural Science” and “Herbs, Spices and Aromas' have been being offered at this department. The Department of Horticulture has thieteen faculty members with two professors and four associate professors. Four technicians also cooperate with this department in running graduate and undergraduate programs of the department. 


Head of department
Dr. Alireza Frarokhzad
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+98 44 31942770
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