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Vetarinary Medicine
Vetarinary Medicine

The Department of Microbiology was founded in 2004 at Urmia University. By cultivating profound knowledge of General Microbiology, Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases, Mycology, Immunology, Serology and Virology, the programs offered by the department are aimed at preparing qualified Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) graduates who can address various challenges posed by the animal husbandry industries. Currently, the Microbiology Department is comprised of 11 full-time faculty members, 8 Academic staff, and more than 110 students of whom 70 are DVM students, 28 M.S., and 22 PhD students.

 DVM Program 

To be qualified for the DVM degree, the candidates are required to pass a minimum of 13 credits and write a thesis. The program is offered in 4 semesters. The general and basic courses offered at DVM program are as follows:

  • General Microbiology (3 units)
  • Bacteriology and bacterial Diseases (4 units)
  • Immunology and serology (3 units)
  • Virology and Viral Diseases (4 units)
  • Mycology (2 units)

     Graduate Programs 

Master’s Program

According to the requirements of the graduate program at Urmia University, in order to complete the M.S. program, each M.S. candidate must pass a minimum of 32 credits which include carrying out a research project as the M.S. thesis which is 6 credits. The department offers M.S. degrees in advanced areas of Bacteriology and Immunology. 

PhD Program

The PhD program requires completion of course work with a minimum of 18 semester credits in addition to the M.S. degree. The candidates must pass the qualifying exam and conduct a PhD dissertation and successfully defend it. The dissertation is considered 18 credits. The department offers PhD degrees in advanced areas of Bacteriology and Immunology in the following areas:

  • Microbiology
  • Immunology
  • Bacteriology

 Department Facilities

The department has a number of educational laboratories including:

  • Bacteriology Laboratory
  • Mycology Laboratory
  • Immunology Laboratory
  • Virology Laboratory
  • Cell Culture Laboratory

 There are also a number of research laboratories in the department including:

  • Molecular biology Laboratory
  • Microbiology Laboratory
Head of Department
Mesam Abtahi
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