Surgery and diagnostic imaging Department

Surgery and Diagnostic Imaging
Vetarinary Medicine
Surgery and Diagnostic Imaging
Vetarinary Medicine
Surgery and Diagnostic Imaging
Vetarinary Medicine

Surgery Department as a sub-branch of the Department of Clinical Sciences was founded following the establishment of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The Department of Surgery and Diagnostic Imaging was established in 2014 and offers the internship program in the last three semesters of the curriculum. The department also offers DVSc program as a postgraduate program.

The department comprises five wards:

1. Large animal surgery equipped with: - Equine inhalation anesthesia, surgery and recovery theaters - Food animal anesthesia, surgery recovery and theaters

2.  Small animal surgery equipped with: - inhalation anesthesia, surgery (soft tissue and orthopedic) and recovery theaters, and facilities including Electrosurgery unit, Ultrasound dental scalers, and Inhalant anesthetic machines.

3. Anesthesia ward with inhalation anesthesia machines, Patient monitoring machines, Infusion pumps and local anesthesia sets.

4. Diagnostic Imaging ward equipped with: Digital Radiography, Ultrasonography, Echocardiography and Doppler

5. Minimal invasive Surgery ward equipped with: Equine and small animal Video endoscope and laparoscope.


The department also benefits from a Universal Mechanical Testing Unit that is used for assessment of biomechanical properties of the various tissues in research projects.   


The department caters to the needs of animal owners through diagnosing and treating surgical ailments, performing operations, and also providing patients’ owners with counseling services. The department serves as a referral center for the surgical cases both in small and large animal wards. The main purpose of the department is to make education responsive to the growing needs of the society, in general, and in particular, those of livestock farmers. To this end, it strives to produce highly skilled and competent human resources to meet the demands of the ever-changing society and the challenges posed by the novel areas of research and development.

 The department is comprised of board-certified specialists experienced in numerous surgical techniques and is equipped with some of the cutting-edge technologies in veterinary surgery. We strongly support a collaborative treatment approach where a number of specialists such as anesthesiologists, radiologists, and board-certified members cooperate with one another.  


Our Clinical Team

At Urmia Universtiy, we advocate treating patients based on a comprehensive and collaborative team-based approach. Vet's board-certified Surgery faculty members at Urmia University and clinical staff are among nation's most experienced and respected members. 

Head of Department
Rahim Mohammadi
+98 44 32772193
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