Department of English Language and Literature

The Department of English Language and Literature at Urmia University was founded in 1996, offering undergraduate program in TEFL. The orientation of its undergraduate program was shifted to English Language and Literature in 1997. More than 1000 BA students have graduated since then. This flourishing department launched its MA program in TESOL/TEFL in 2006, and ever since over 90 candidates have successfully completed their MA studies in TEFL. There are currently more than 30 MA students pursuing their post-graduate studies in this department. 

This department launched its PhD programs in TESOL/TEFL in 2012 and currently there are over 15 PhD students undertaking their graduate studies at Urmia University. Similar MA/PhD programs in TESOL /TEFL (Fee-based programs) are also held at the Pardis Campus of Urmia University


The department launched its BA program in TEFL in 2014. English Department also started its MA program in English Literature in 2016.  

The faculty members in this department hold degrees from some of the most accredited universities in the UK and Malaysia, including the University of Leeds, the University of Surrey, and the University of East Anglia, University Putra Malaysia, University of Malaya, as well as from leading universities in Iran, including University of Tehran, University of Tabriz, Allame Tabatabaie University, University of Shiraz, and University of Isfahan.

Some of the MA and MA students in TEFL from this department have accomplished top ranks (under 10) at the nation-wide PhD and MA qualifying examinations. Most of the students and graduates of this departmet could readily secure good jobs (mostly a teaching a career) during their studies and shortly after graduation.

Full time academic staff of the department in TEFL/TESOL include Dr. Sima Modir Khameneh, Dr. Mohammad Mohammadi, Dr. Karim Sadeghi, Mr. Mohammad Hossein Parvaz, Mr. Shahrouz Javidi (specialized in Linguistics and Translation), Dr. Javad Gholami, Dr. Zhila Mohammadnia, Dr. Parviz Alavinia, and Dr. Mahdi Sarkhosh. 

Full time academic staff of the department in English Literature are Dr. Farah Ghaderi, Dr. Haleh Zargarzadeh, and Mr. Alireza Mehdipour (now completing his PhD in English Literature)

In addition, there are currently over 15 EFL teachers with MA/PhD degrees in ELT or English Literature who work with the department on a part-time basis. These staff, mostly graduates of the department, are predominantly involved in running ESP/EAP and general English courses as well as French and English literature courses at Urmia University. 

Department of English has a prestigious journal called Iranian Journal of Language Teaching Research (IJLTR) which was launched with the intention of making quality research output available for scholars in the field of language education. This journal is indexed in ISC, Scopus, and ERIC among many other credible journal archiving and indexing databases.

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