Department of History

History department was established in 1997 and is admitting students in Ancient Iran and Islamic Iran subfields. History department has six fulltime members in its academic staff that includes 2 associate professors, 3 assistant professors, and one lecturer. In addition, this department holds an academic library which contains about 500 books.

Its main objectives include:

  1. Training researchers in history, as well as school teachers and providing academic staff in universities, research and educational institutes, ministries and governmental agencies.
  2. Teaching history on the basis of monuments and historical news, documents, and texts using scientific methods.
  3. Reinforcing curiosity, academic accuracy, and willingness to thinking and innovation and creativity, in this case, the past will help present and future generations find the way.
  4. Doing Iranian and Islamic studies and investigating civil, political and military interactions of Iran with the world.

This faculty contains two subfields in higher education courses:

  1. MA program in Ancient Iran History
  2. MA program in Islamic Iran History