Department of Landscape Architecture


The Department of Landscape Architecture at Shahid Bakeri Higher Education Center of Miandoab was established in 2016 and started its educational activities through entrance exam only for a Bachelor’s degree.

Landscape architecture combines the creative world of design with the energy of the outdoors. It brings together art and science, history and modern technology and can be applied to a range of projects, courtyard gardens to luxury resorts and city spaces. As a landscape architect, you will get the vision and capability to transform the spaces around you and to help shape our world.

 The Bachelor of Landscape Architecture is a four-year program that equips you with the skills for a career in this exciting industry. At the heart of the program is the design studio you will work on the designs for your landscape architecture projects. To strengthen the studio work, in a series of lecture-based classes, you will learn about landscape and environmental design, the history and theory of landscape architecture, contemporary urbanism, and environmental planning, assessment and management. You will also improve your knowledge of contemporary design methodology, preparing 2D maps and 3D CAD modelling. Field trips, study tours to some related sites and practical involvements further enhance your study experiences.


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