Department of Mechanical Biosystems

The group in 1344 with the creation of the College of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, launched at the undergraduate level. In 1379 the first edition of postgraduate students were accepted. In 1383 the name of the field to new lessons and topics relevant Agricultural Machinery has evolved and in the same year PhD in Agricultural Machinery approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in 1384 and 1386, and the first and second reception Agricultural Machinery done by students. Meanwhile the group after Tarbiat Modarres University in Tehran and Third University PhD student recruitment is considered eligible. Currently the group has about 200 Nfrdanshjvy undergraduate, 35 graduate students and 15 doctoral students are studying. Department of Mechanical Engineering Agricultural Machinery MA and PhD examination in all periods of the country’s most prominent among the top rank is considered acceptable. Several educational and research facilities such as workshop tools casting, metalworking and welding, combustion engines, hydraulic systems, machines, tillage, planting, harvesting and processing of agricultural products, Soil Mechanics Laboratory, the laboratory has developed resistance materials a very good platform for education and learning for students interested in undergraduate work. The computer forum, Biophysics and Biomechanics Laboratory, Agricultural Research Laboratory of Soil and machine, bioenergy laboratory and laboratory measurement tools for research in the graduate group is provided. Publishing a journal specialized add-on that score by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology under the name “Mechanical Science in Agricultural Machinery” has been awarded to groups that undoubtedly an effective step towards promoting and expanding the frontiers of knowledge in this field can be considered.

The June 92, Department of Mechanical Engineering Biosystems Urmia University as the center of the northwestern area of ​​the test and the test of Agricultural Machinery Development Center, Ministry of Agriculture was mechanized. This group will certainly cause a lot of capabilities and capacities of the top scientific exam and tests, your school of their choice.

Mechanical Biosystems